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Important Topics Relating to Family Law

Can I appeal my Divorce Case Judgment?

Today, we will discuss your options, when you are dissatisfied with the result of your divorce case. Initially, it bears repeating that in most (perhaps, all) U.S. jurisdictions, fewer than 5 percent (5%)of the filed cases make it all of the way through trial. And, of...

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Premarital Property Agreements in Texas

It is our experience that many folks do not understand just how useful and powerful Premarital Property Agreements (PPA) can be in Texas. We hope to bring you some helpful information in that regard today. Accordingly, here is a brief, introductory discussion of PPA:...

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Can I Change my Child Custody Order?

So, you have a child custody (or conservatorship) order. It was arrived at either by initial agreement of the parties, informal negotiation, mediation, or after a trial. And now, one of the parties wants to change it. Can that be done? It is widely reported that each...

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Important Factors in Cases Requesting Protective Orders


A protective order is a court order that can be entered by the court to protect a victim of domestic violence, assault (sexual or otherwise), abuse, stalking, and/or threats by a family member, household member, or (current or former) dating partner. We have written more about these cases here: Legal Protections for Family Violence (Part 1) and here Legal Protections Available for Family Violence. A review of those posts provides context for this one. Today, we will discuss some of the considerations that are pertinent to these types of cases.

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Keeping Children Safe

During the craziness of this year, many of our children find themselves in the unusual circumstance of living in potentially dangerous situations. In addition to the risk of becoming infected with COVID-19, insecurity in income, housing, and food, add stress that affects the lives of many family members.

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Keeping Our Kids Safe Online

As we become more of an electronically-connected society (and, when is that increase ever going to end?) potential dangers to our children, via the internet, are enhanced. Our children spend more and more time online, for activities such as their schooling, gaming,...

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