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Having an estate plan can set your mind at ease no matter what stage you are at in life. Estate Planning helps to layout a wide range of important decisions that includes wills, trusts, health care, and guardianship. The future of your family after you’re gone starts with a good estate plan. Estate planning helps protect your assets and make sure your wishes are followed legally. A good plan will help provide for your family if necessary and avoid issues including litigation that can tear families apart. It’s important to adults of all ages because planning for the future, even if it’s not yours, is important. 

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Any and all aspects of my child custody case were handled expediently and professionally with David. The outcome of my case, even though dismissed, was as expected. Great attorney. Great service.


David Heiman handled my case for enforcement of child support. He had previously handled my divorce case. He did his homework. There were other factors in consideration at one of the Hearings where Mr. Heiman presented case law in order to get my case transferred to the court of jurisdiction. Mr. Heiman was empathetic and objective in working with me to realistically and properly address my concerns. He didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear. He was able to look at the details of the case from both sides and he gave me great advice that ultimately produced favorable outcomes. The judges ruled in our favor EVERY TIME. Mr. Heiman is intelligent, impressive, compassionate and caring, and can bring out the humorous side of an unpleasant situation. Hire him! He will do no less than his very best to help you through it.


I can’t help but think I won the custody of my daughters because of the advice, help and support that David gave to me, from the first time I met him, right up to the time we won the custody case!!!” 


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