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Divorce Law

Searching for a good Divorce Lawyer is a challenge. Get an attorney that has the experience and the resources you need. If you’re ready to make a big change in your life or considering it, get your free consultation today. Attorney David Heiman practices exclusively Family Law, Divorce Law and related matters including Child Custody with the passion and experience you need – so, if you need to make a life change, make the change for the better! Don’t wait, contact us today.

Child Support

Texas child support cases can sometimes be a “sticky” matter. The person receiving child support often believes that the amount of child support awarded is not sufficient to raise the child or children. And, the person who is obligated to pay the child support often complains that it doesn’t cost as much to raise a child or children as the amount that is set as child support. This discrepancy appears to be caused by the different prisms through which the “cost of the child” is viewed. Suffice it to say that Moms and Dads tend to view this issue quite differently.

Family Law

Family Law deals with many different types of cases such as marriage, divorce, domestic partnerships, child support, alimony, child custody, visitations, adoption, wills and estate planning.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a process where all parties commit to resolving their differences fairly instead of through what can be an emotionally, and financially, expensive process of divorce trials (contested hearings)and courtroom legal wrangling. With collaborative law, the divorce is settled by agreement without going to court (or threatening to go to court).

Child Custody 

The Court always considers what is in the best interests of the child.  So, our task is to learn your goals for the child, and work to convince the court that your reasonable goals are in the child’s best interest. Texas appoints conservators of a child or children, rather than awarding custody. For all practical purposes, the terms are synonymous, so please don’t let that unusual terminology trip you up!


An Adoption can be a rather technical and complicated case, depending on factors such as whether it is a Step-Parent Adoption of a child; whether you are willing or wanting to adopt a child who has been removed from a home by Texas Child Protective Services; whether the child legally has a Presumed Father (which may be the case even if the father has been uninvolved with the child, and maybe, even if the father does not even know that he has the child); whether both of the child’s parents are cooperating with the adoption process; and whether one or both of the child’s parents are absent or missing.


You have your day in Family court. The parties testify, their lawyers present evidence, and make legal arguments. 

Child Protective Services 

If you find yourself in the unenvitable position of having contact with someone from CPS, please contact an attorney immediately. As always, our initial 30 minute consultations are free.

Estate Planning

Having an estate plan can set your mind at ease no matter what stage you are at in life. Estate Planning helps to layout a wide range of important decisions that includes wills, trusts, health care, and guardianship.


 It’s never too early to create these documents to ensure that those who care for you are not burdened by unanticipated questions concerning your wishes. 

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