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What is Collaborative Law?

The “collaborative law concept” is still relatively new to Texas, but has established itself as a viable alternative to divorce litigation when both parties are committed to: 1. resolving the issues of the case amicably; and 2. both parties act honorably and in good faith. Instead of a typical divorce where couples battle out their disputes publicly in a courtroom, collaborative law offers a calmer alternative of dispute resolution. In other words, it offers both a “no fault” and “no fight” divorce for clients who want to avoid conflict in the divorce process.

Collaborative law is a process where all parties commit to resolving their differences fairly instead of through what can be an emotionally, and financially, expensive process of divorce trials (contested hearings)and courtroom legal wrangling. With collaborative law, the divorce is settled by agreement without going to court (or threatening to go to court).

Remember, the benefits of Collaborative Law include:

  • AVOID COURT – Everyone can focus on a settlement without the constant threat of going to court.
  • LESS COSTLY – This process is generally less time consuming and less costly than litigation.
  • COOPERATIVE APPROACH – You are each supported and represented by your own lawyer, so you can confidently cooperate with your spouse in resolving your issues.
  • CLIENT PARTICIPATION – You are a vital part of the settlement team: both parties and both attorneys.
  • THE CLIENT IS IN CHARGE – The process is empowering, informative and is much less stressful than court because you are in control of the proceedings.
  • COLLABORATIVE LAWYERS – Both parties have skilled family lawyers committed to the collaborative process so issues can be resolved fairly, without threat of court.
  • IT WORKS! – The collaborative law process works when problem-solving is more important than fighting, and you both want fair solutions.
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